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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost of your app?

We charge a one time setup fee to get your member database imported and organised in a way that is the least disruptive to your normal club operations. We then charge a monthly per member price for active members only.

Do you have an Australian local office?

Squadspot is a totally online business. We are run from Australia and we work from our homes. We are only new but hope to move into a combined office if our team needs to grow in future.

What do I need to get started?

Make an enquiry and speak to us about your requirements. We'll talk to you about how Squadspot can help your club and can make a plan to get you started. If you have an existing member database in software or a spreadsheet, we can import it into Squadspot and get you up and running in no time.

How can I migrate my existing data?

Yes! We can work with any format of member database as long as you have the ability to export it into a spreadsheet or CSV. We have the ability to import and map the important fields you require as well as add additional information you need to run your club effectively.

Is the service available globally?

Squadspot has been designed for Australian sport shooting and gun clubs but that is not to say the platform can not be used in other countries. If you think Squadspot can be useful to your club based outside of Australia, please enquire!

Is Squadspot for other types of clubs?

At Squadspot we are focused on sports shooting clubs focusing on Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Hunting. But the platform can definitely be used for other types of clubs.

Do you have iOS and Android apps?

Unfortunately no, not at this stage. We do intend to add mobile applications for iOS and Android in future when we release our amazing member login and score tracking app! Stay tuned for that one. In the meantime we do have a fully mobile responsive app that can be access form your phone web browser like Chrome or Safari.

Can I customise member types and fees?

Yes. You can setup unlimited membership types and fees. You also have the ability to add advanced tags to your member database allowing you to group and organise members how you see fit. This can be used for email marketing, renewals and reporting.